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Simple control

Control units for heating in trucks

Convenient to use

Intuitive thermal management for the driver

Truck drivers in particular must be able to make their preferred heat settings easily and quickly. Practical control units enabling control not only from inside the driver’s cab but also in advance are therefore a good option for greater comfort and convenience. Off-line and on-line handling can be combined.

Easy to use, intuitive user guidance

Built-in control unit

EasyStart Pro

One control knob, many functions

The main benefits:

  • Long-press function for immediate heating

  • Current operating mode visible at a glance

  • Three programmable timer locations

  • Interior temperature sensor – saves the cost and effort of installing an external temperature sensor

  • Option of controlling two heaters at the same time, including a combination of air heater and water heater

  • Diagnostic function for user and the workshop

The illuminated color ring around the control knob indicates the operating status

Operating status: Heating

Operating status: Ventilation

Operating status: Use of residual heat from the warm engine (for Hydronic applications with integrated engine cooling circuit)