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Full concentration

Heating and cooling in trucks

The highest degree of comfort for the driver

Perfect climate in any weather

Your driver has to remain focused every second when behind the wheel. This is why optimal thermal management using quiet, efficient products is essential in trucks or vans. An engine-independent heating option for cold outside temperatures and engine-independent cooling in hot, humid conditions ensure that the trucker is perfectly rested at all times. The solutions must be efficient and easy on the battery to ensure that running them all night will not prevent the engine from starting the next morning.

Eberspächer’s years of experience, extensive expertise and a wide range of superior heating and climate control solutions make it an expert partner, particularly in the truck segment. 

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Thermal management

The optimum climate in the driver’s cab

Decision-making aid for optimally equipping your truck: Do your drivers often spend the night in their vehicles, and should they begin every day well rested in any season?
Does this call for an engine-independent heating or cooling solution that is efficient and easy on the battery?
We can assemble the perfect thermal management system for your requirements.

We look forward to your inquiry.