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Optimal heating performance

Fuel Operated Heaters

Eberspächer Airtronic and Hydronic

Heating systems that keep their promises

Diesel operated pre-heaters provide engine-independent heating options for your drivers. This ensures ideal climate conditions in truck cabs, particularly during prescribed breaks when outside temperatures are freezing. Eberspächer is the expert partner at your side with a large range of fuel operated heaters, such as the Airtronic S3 Commercial/M air heater or the Hydronic S3 Commercial water heater.

Airtronic air heaters

Fast, quiet, with capacity to spare

Eberspächer Airtronic air heaters heat the air in the truck and distribute it through individually positioned air outlets. This is why the Airtronic is especially suitable for heating the driver’s cab quickly and efficiently. A constant interior temperature can be maintained for an extended period thanks to the low fuel and electricity consumption. 

Power range: 2 to 8 kW

The main benefits:

  • High heating performance in a compact design
  • Automatic altitude adjustment up to 5,500 m*
  • Flexible installation angled 90° to both sides possible
  • Stepless heating performance control for quiet operation
  • Patented housing design helps to prevent counterfeits
  • Lifespan of up to 5,000 operating hours thanks to the brushless motor
  • Downward compatibility through the use of established interfaces
  • Environmental parameter measurement for optimized, sensor-controlled start sequences
  • Optimized heating air flow through enhanced convector
  • Maximum control with EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web
    • Compatibility with all other control units
    • Diagnostics and parameter assignment via EasyScan
  • Additional integration into vehicle systems via CAN (12/24 V), LIN (12 V) and S+ (12/24 V) interfaces

* Depending on variant

Hydronic S3 water heaters

The efficient heat source for a clear view

The Hydronic S3 Commercial combines fast pre-heating with stable heating performance and low fuel consumption. It offers your drivers extra power for a clear view, because fast, effective pre-heating is a great help when it comes to de-icing the windows to get off to a prompt start.

Power range: the most compact water heater, with 4 kW and 5 kW heating performance

The main benefits:

  • Heating performance: 1.3 kW to 5.0 kW
  • Operating temperature range: –40 °C to +60 °C
  • Windshield de-icing time: 20 to 30 minutes (depending on side temperatures and other parameters, including automatic heating time calculation (depending on control unit))